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Get Involved

Our Children Will Appreciate Every Little Effort to Live in a Better Planet

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If you wish to share your thoughts or interesting information on carbon taxation or another climate change-related topic in a video, an article, a study, a blog post, or something else entirely, share it with us at and we will put it on our website!


If you believe in our cause and would like to volunteer some time to help us with our mission, email volunteer@carbontaxnow.organd tell us how you would like to help. We are a small organization with lots of room to grow, and anything you would like to help with is awesome!


Donations, no matter how little, are very important to our cause. We are curently working on setting up a tool for receiving donations on our website.


If you have any ideas or feedback to move this initiative forward, please write us at We would love any feedback you can give to continue to help us grow and have as large an impact as possible.

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