Carbon Tax Now


Our Mission

To slow and reverse climate change by generating and leveraging public support for emission reduction policies globally.

Our Reasons

We believe that climate change does and will increasingly cause irreparable damage to the ecosystem, global economies, and human living conditions.

We believe that policy experts globally recognize that taxing CO2 and other emissions is the most — and perhaps only — effective approach to truly impacting current emissions trends.

We believe that a lack of public awareness and action is a primary barrier to enacting effective legislation.

We believe that a global effort ultimately will be required to have the necessary impact, and that the only way to get there is by starting smaller incremental initiatives.

We believe that implementing emissions taxation effectively and equitably is complex and fraught with challenges. We believe that by taking action there will be winners and losers, but with no action there are only losers..

 Our Activities

We are initially focused on petition drives and bringing awareness to policymakers globally about the level of popular support for stronger, broader initiatives to reduce climate change. Fundraising initiatives will support awareness and policy advocacy, and public dialogue on the often complex issues are supported through digital and event experiences.

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